Here’s what some teachers are saying about our PCA fundamentals workshop,
Transforming Classroom & School Cultures (formerly “A Taste of Transformation!”):


Serena Pariser, 8th Grade Teacher of the Year, Gompers Preparatory Academy, San Diego:

“I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for the ‘A Taste of Transformation!’ workshop [now called “Cultivating a Person Centered Approach in the Classroom”] I attended last week. I went in hoping to learn better ways to build a student-centered classroom. I’ve attended numerous workshops in my years of teaching and this was one of the only ones that went beyond the surface. Words can’t even express how much I learned by the time I left. Your workshop truly changes the teacher from within and challenges us to listen to students with our whole heart. The valuable skills and transformational methods of thinking are exactly what so many teachers need today. I really hope you can spread your message further because this is the important work we need before we dive into the lessons. I truly believe that the teachers that attended your workshop will deepen their connections with students, teach from a internal place of peace, and hear the students’ words like never before. Thanks so much for for this learning. I look forward to seeing you again!”

Jennifer Kuebler, MA (School Counselor, K-8 Innovations Academy Charter):

“As educators, administrators, counselors, or others who work with children, I believe we must first do our own work on ourselves before we can model to students. To be truly authentic, connected, empathetic and practice compassionate communication we have to be willing to explore our own projections, judgments and ways of reacting to situations. Once we are aware of those reactions we can do the work to manage our own emotional beings and respond with authentic connection to students, families and colleagues. Jackie and Carla are very kind, supportive and authentic trainers who are offering workshops to help educators to explore themselves in a safe environment and breakthrough any limitations that may be impairing their ability to powerfully guide today’s youth.”

Scott Thomason, Principal
of CPMA Middle School in Clairmont, sent this email to his staff:

“Are you struggling to keep calm in the face of all the change going on in your life? Do your students drive you crazy? Do you find yourself on the short end of the patience stick more than usual? This year [2013-14], more than any other, the need for unconditional positive regard is not just an interesting concept but a matter of survival. But how to do it, you ask? Well… I have attached a flyer for a new course [now called “Cultivating a Person Centered Approach in the Classroom”] that will help you transition to Common Core through calm and care-free eyes. Yes, I know this is a Saturday workshop, but I am offering to pay for it for anyone who wishes to attend. … The worst that happens is that you find inner peace and happiness and learn to cope in the face of massive change.”

H. Pamela Holzman, M. Ed, SpEd; Education Therapist; Education Specialist; Professionally Recognized Special Educator:

“The Person Centered Approach (PCA) is a skill that allows me to understand my high school students in a way that builds a strong rapport and climate of trust. Students feel confident in talking about what is confusing and difficult about any given task. I have never attained the level of reciprocal trust and communication using any other approach, and am so very grateful for Jackie Hicks’ instruction and mentoring. Using the PCA with colleagues and parents has helped establish clear communication, trust and understanding with them as well. In turn, improved interpersonal skills with other adults in the students’ life improves those student outcomes.

“I have used many of Jackie’s approaches of instruction with my students in the classroom, teaching them how to bring PCA into their own life. We role play and problem solve and make it a part of the communication instruction embedded in educational expectations for the state of California and specifically as a part of our school’s “Expected School-Wide Learning Results” (ESLRS). When students practice these skills and employ them, the classroom is a safe environment where students help one another and exhibit respect toward others as a natural act. It is an amazing transformation.”

Elizabeth Wepsic, Teacher, Dept. Head,
The Bishop’s School in La Jolla:

“More educators than not complain about their students. Teachers and students alike pass on negative and judgmental information about each other, always seeming to be in the right, which creates a dishonest and mistrusting environment, not conducive to success or learning. The benefits of taking the workshops at Education Transformations are that they allowed me the chance to look at who I am in my work life, and how I am capable of taking responsibility, and functioning in a way that allows for honest communication, kindness, and understanding (all of which ARE conducive to learning and success). Taking the classes, I experienced the MAGIC of Empathy, Congruence, and Unconditional Positive Regard. That is an extraordinary gift, allowing me to TRANSFORM from a negative to a positive, from a I can’t do, to a a I want to and I can.”

Alannah Sinclaire, Education Specialist:

“I attended ‘A Taste of Transformation!’ [now called “Cultivating a Person Centered Approach in the Classroom”] workshop hoping to improve my interpersonal skills with the teachers and students with whom I work. I appreciated the manner of the facilitator as she modeled the Person Centered Approach (PCA), which enhanced my learning and self-expression. I’d like to see the workshop offered to all teachers and staff in the San Diego Unified School District, as I believe many of us are experiencing changes in curriculum (Common Core) and a shift in the way teachers connect with each other on a professional and personal level. I feel PCA could be a vital tool in supporting these challenges on an on-going basis.”

Daril Bonner, Special Education Assistant:

“Jacqueline Hicks has demonstrated professional leadership in community outreach, educational staff coaching, school administration and youth relationship building. It was a pleasure to work with her and see how skillfully and diligently she was able to put on many hats to get the job done!”