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We believe that effective relationships among teachers, students, colleagues and parents are essential to the successful learning, growth and development of students. Our focus is on facilitating the extraordinary level of personal development required for today’s teachers: exceptional listening skills and empathy, self-acceptance and integrity, compassion and unconditional regard for others.

Our work is grounded in the Person Centered Approach theory and practice, defined and articulated by Dr. Carl R. Rogers, that:

All people have within them a natural tendency toward their own
well-being and achieving their potential.

Potential emerges best in an atmosphere of:

  • Congruence — Expressing ones’ opinions, ideas, beliefs and feelings as they occur with authenticity, integrity and responsibility
  • Empathy — listening deeply with the intent to understand someone the way they want to be understood
  • Unconditional Positive Regard — suspending one’s judgments in order to be open to possibilities that exist between people, treasuring the differences even as they may threaten one’s own integrity and deeply held beliefs.

Each person is the expert on himself or herself.

Teaching requires an extraordinary level of personal development.