programs-bigstock-People-Sit-In-A-Modern-Round-C-52734037Mentoring & Coaching

“Leaders have vision, followers, and know how to use the talents within their community to further their goals and objectives.”  – Jackie Hicks

Principals and Administrators – 

Support in dealing with:

  • Moving staff from compliance to commitment, such as in implementing the new Common Core Standards,
  • Challenging relationships with staff,
  • Leading your organization through a culture change,
  • Other leadership challenges.

Teachers – 

Support in dealing with:

  • Common Core Challenges,
  • Making Homework Work,
  • Disruptive Classroom Behaviors,
  • Bullying / School Violence,
  • Involving Parents Effectively,
  • Working with administrators and colleagues.

One on one coaching/mentoring, 2-hour block minimum.