Here are the various workshops and customized programs we offer.  We can meet your teaching needs in many ways:

  • K-12 Relational Competency Student Curriculum & Training
    – Social/Emotional Intelligence and Character Development for Students
  • Transforming Classroom & School Cultures   (formerly “A Taste of Transformation”)
    – A professional development course on using the Person Centered Approach (PCA) to build Powerful Relationships
    and employ Effective Communication Skills in order to shift a classroom or school’s culture
  • Person Centered Communications 101
    – This one day workshop is for a group of 9 to 45 educators to improve their communication and relationship building skills
  • Mastering Relationships & Restorative Practices in the Classroom
    An advanced course for developing onsite Trainers in the Person Centered Approach
  • The Powerful Classroom
    – Advanced Workshop for educators to improve their relationship skills and participate powerfully
    in their schools as both leaders and followers
  • Summer Week-long Intensive Workshops:
    – The Diverse Classroom
    – Power Plays
  • Customized School Programs
  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring

Read more about each below, and click on the links to register or get complete details about each offering…

K-12 Relational Competency Student Curriculum

– a Student’s Pathway to Personal Integrity and Global Citizenship

In order to increase and improve Emotional Intelligence and Character Development in students, we offer a K-12 Relational Competency student curriculum. This curriculum is very aligned with state standards and its Social/Emotional requirements.  The curriculum comes with a required 3-day teacher training program to give educators the basics to be effective using the curriculum and the skills needed to teach social/emotional learning.

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Transforming Classroom & School Cultures
(formerly called: A Taste of Transformation)

– A professional development course on using the Person Centered Approach to build Powerful Relationships and employ Effective Communication Skills in order to shift a classroom or school’s culture

Part of the Common Core standards is expecting students to struggle with and find their own answers. Teachers will need patience and comfort with ambiguity, in order to trust in this process of discovery. The Person Centered Approach (PCA) fosters an environment of openness, empathy, and respect, which makes it safe for students to work through their challenges with creativity and critical thinking.

By utilizing the PCA model of communication, we facilitate teachers creating learning environments where:

  • Students experience their ideas being valued
  • Conflicts can be resolved safely and efficiently
  • Students are engaged and responsible
  • Powerful and effective relationships are built
  • Educators can deal effectively with those they find most difficult (students, parents, co-workers)
  • Teachers connect and collaborate easily

When students feel safe, are engaged, and claim personal responsibility, a community environment forms and the classroom and school culture begins to transform to one of cooperation, creativity, and self regulation.

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Person Centered Communications 101

– This one day workshop is for a group of 9 to 45 educators to improve their communication and relationship building skills

Expect the following outcomes for your group from this one day professional development workshop:

  • Learn a better way to listen that allows for greater understanding of the other person (empathy).
  • Acquire a way to express your feelings and needs that is authentic, respectful and responsible.
  • See clearly the consequences that judgments bring.
  • Experience the effectiveness of empathic listening and authenticity.
  • Understand the importance of taking full responsibility for the results of an interaction.
  • Learn how to move beyond student compliance, to get student cooperation, collaboration,
    and participation.
  • Realize that a person who uses these skills will have more effective communications, even
    if the person they’re with is unskilled in communicating.
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Mastering Relationships and Restorative Practices in the Classroom

– An advanced course for Developing onsite Trainers in the Person Centered Approach (PCA)

This workshop is specifically designed for educators to improve the community culture by developing Person Centered relationships at school.  This advanced course in PCA allows a school faculty member to become the go to person assist other educators onsite that may be having challenges with PCA or the student curriculum.  Seasoned educators, new teachers, lead teachers, department heads, and counselors alike can enliven their passion, energize their enthusiasm, and engage their students powerfully after taking this course.

We teach PCA as a foundation to support teachers improving classroom relationships and in implementing restorative practices.  PCA eliminates the use of blame and judgements, and fosters open communication and personal responsibility.  When you have an environment that incorporates all these things, students feel safer to be themselves, to think outside the box, and to be more considerate towards others.  It gives teachers a way to address bullying and disruptive behaviors, and be inclusive of differences in the classroom community, thereby greatly reducing suspensions and expulsions.

Participants will extend their ability to build stronger teaching and learning relationships.   They will learn how to improve the quality of listening and understanding in the classroom; be influential with students, colleagues and superiors; and create a Person Centered Classroom where everyone grows and thrives.

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The Powerful Classroom

This more advanced workshop is for educators who want:

  • to be powerful in dealing with scarce resources and increased objectives,
  • to have better relationships with superiors, students, parents and colleagues,
  • to participate powerfully in their schools as leaders and followers.

Powerful classrooms emerge from the understanding that power is the ability to get what you want, without dependence upon, nor at the expense of others. “Superior power is never powerful, thus it has power.” -Lao Tzu

The Powerful Classroom Prerequisite:  Mastering Relationships and Restorative Practices…

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Summer Intensives (2 offerings)

Two different 1-week long offerings:

The Diverse Classroom

This is an experiential workshop that teaches participants how to welcome all cultures, learning styles, skill levels and challenges into the classroom.  Participants will learn how to prize and treasure the differences that are manifest in their students, and help their students do the same, thereby creating a richer learning environment.

Power Play 

In this workshop participants will have an experience of power – when they have it, and when they don’t.  Teachers are more powerful than they realize, and can be better advocates for the students in their classrooms, and better leaders in their school/organization.

Summer Intensives Prerequisites:  None

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Custom School Programs

We design programs to address a school’s specific needs, such as:

  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of staff communications,
  • Addressing the requirements of the Common Core Standards,
  • Implementing changes in school culture,

Tell us what your challenge is, and we will work with you to create the solution!

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Mentoring & Coaching

“Leaders have vision, followers, and know how to use the talents within their community to further their goals and objectives.”  – Jackie Hicks

Principals and Administrators – 

Support in dealing with:

  • Moving staff from compliance to commitment, such as in implementing the new Common Core Standards,
  • Challenging relationships with staff,
  • Leading your organization through a culture change,
  • Other leadership challenges.

Teachers – 

Support in dealing with:

  • Common Core Challenges,
  • Making Homework Work,
  • Disruptive Classroom Behaviors,
  • Bullying / School Violence,
  • Involving Parents Effectively,
  • Working with administrators and colleagues.

One on one coaching/mentoring, 2-hour block minimum.

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