Mastering Relationships & Restorative Practices in the Classroom

~ An advanced course for Developing onsite Trainers in the Person Centered Approach (PCA)

This workshop is specifically designed for educators to improve the community culture by developing Person Centered relationships at school.  This advanced course in PCA allows a school faculty member to become the go to person to assist other educators onsite that may be having challenges with PCA or the student curriculum.  Seasoned educators, new teachers, lead teachers, department heads, and counselors alike can enliven their passion, energize their enthusiasm, and engage their students powerfully after taking this course.

We teach the Person Centered Approach (PCA) as a foundation to support improving classroom relationships as well as implementing restorative practices in the classroom. Using PCA eliminates the need for blame and judgments, and fosters open communications and personal responsibility.

When you create an environment that incorporates all these things, students feel safer to be themselves, to think outside the box, and to be more considerate towards others.  It gives teachers a way to address bullying and disruptive behaviors, and be inclusive of differences in the classroom community, thus eliminating suspensions and expulsions.

Participants will increase their ability to build effective and meaningful teaching and learning relationships.   They will discover how to:

  1. Improve the quality of listening and understanding in the classroom;
  2. Increase student participation;
  3. Eliminate blame of self and others;
  4. Be influential with students, colleagues and administrators; and
  5. Create a Person Centered Classroom where everyone grows and thrives.

Together with the facilitators, participants will create an experiential community of practice based upon the core tenants of the Person Centered Approach, identified and articulated by world renown psychologists Carl R. Rogers, PhD:  exceptional listening skills and empathy; self-acceptance, authenticity and integrity; compassion and unconditional positive regard for others.

Girl Holding PlantWhat they will take with them are the seeds for growing (skills for developing) the kinds of relationships that:

  • Strengthen responsibility in their students;
  • Inspire student involvement;
  • Effectively deal with those they find most difficult (students, parents, co-workers); and
  • Are able to use the fundamental skills of Congruence, Empathy, Empathic Listening, and Unconditional Positive Regard.


The workshop is six days long in four sessions, spread out over 6-8 weeks
(see Calendar page for scheduled dates):

  • Session #1 – 2 half days
  • Session #2 – 1 full day
  • Session #3 – 1½ days
  • Session #4 – 2½ days

PrerequisitesTransforming Classroom & School Cultures

CEUs are available through SDSU for this course.

Upon completion, each participant will have documentation of skills learned and their accomplishments, a reflective journal, handouts, guidelines and reminders.  In addition, participants will receive follow-up support calls for a minimum of 6 months after the workshop, to assist in integrating and maintaining their new skills.

See Calendar page for exact dates this workshop is being offered.



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