Freedom to Teach Freedom to Learn

Education Transformations, located in San Diego, California, is a dynamic, leading edge company with the vision of transforming our children’s learning environments, through our Teacher Training Workshops and Programs, to be places where:

1) Conflicts are resolved safely and efficiently,
2) Powerful and effective relationships are built,
3) Teachers connect and collaborate easily,
4) Education is relevant to today’s needs.

When this is accomplished, teachers are free to teach and students are free to learn!


      Our Workshops & Programs

We support teachers to implement the needs of the new Common Core standards; improve classroom participation; and handle daily classroom challenges effectively and efficiently, through our various programs:

• Cultivating Critical and Creative Thinking in Common Core Classrooms
- a Person Centered Approach to Classroom Learning and Management
(formerly “A Taste of Transformation!”)
Mastering Relationships and Restorative Practices in Common Core Classrooms
- Comprehensive Person Centered Communications Workshop
• The Powerful Classroom
- Advanced Workshop
• Summer Week-long Intensive Workshops:
- The Diverse Classroom
– Power Plays
• Customized School Programs
• Personal Coaching & Mentoring

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Here’s what some teachers are saying about our introductory workshop, A Taste of Transformations!
(now calledCultivating Critical and Creative Thinking in Common Core Classrooms

Education Transformations is an Enterprise of Center for the Studies of the Person, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.