Shifting Classroom
and School Cultures

Education Transformations, located in San Diego, California, is a nonprofit organization founded by two women with a long history in education, and a passion for making a difference.  We created this company to provide, through our curriculum and workshops, the social/emotional learning that’s been sorely missing in our school system, in order to better support teachers, students, and administrators.

Our vision is to transform children’s learning environments that are challenging and disruptive, to ones that are compassionate and nurturing, by providing teachers and students with the skills needed to:

  1. Resolve conflicts safely & efficiently
  2. Build powerful & effective relationships
  3. Handle changes with confidence & ease
  4. Connect & collaborate easily
  5. Self-reflect & grow throughout the year

When this transformation occurs, teachers & students are free to teach & free to learn!

Watch the ‘What Makes an Exceptional Teacher’ video below to learn more about our philosophy and approach…

Our Workshops
& Programs

The Problem: Students are graduating from high school (and college) reporting that they feel unprepared for real life.  They are often unable to effectively: resolve problems, work collaboratively, embrace diversity, think critically, make decisions, offer leadership, listen empathically, or take personal responsibility.

The Solution: Teaching students and educators relational competency skills.  Research shows that Social/Emotional development is a key factor for both teachers’ AND students’ accomplishments  – academically, as well as in their lives generally. How well we relate to others is crucial to our satisfaction and happiness in life.

Education Transformations is dedicated to the effectiveness and success of our teachers and our schools, by teaching educators (and through them, students) the skills needed to have authentic, meaningful, and influential relationships.  We offer a unique K-12 Relational Competency social/emotional student curriculum, as well as several skill building workshops for teachers.

We work directly with teachers, schools, and districts, both public and private.

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Our workshops & curriculum help teachers:

  • Reduce bullying and student conflicts
  • Improve classroom participation
  • Develop students’ character and critical thinking skills
  • Build better relationships with parents and colleagues
  • Handle daily classroom challenges effectively and efficiently
  • Enjoy greater job satisfaction.

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Education Transformations is a division of Center for Studies of the Person, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

WHAT MAKES AN EXCEPTIONAL TEACHER?? Watch this great video and find out!

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Transforming Classroom & School Cultures (formerly called A Taste of Transformation!):