Freedom to Teach Freedom to Learn

Education Transformations, located in San Diego, California, is a dynamic, leading edge nonprofit company with the vision of transforming our children’s learning environments, by providing teachers with skills to:

1) Handle changes with confidence & ease,
2) Resolve conflicts safely & efficiently,
3) Build powerful & effective relationships,
4) Connect & collaborate easily with colleagues,
5) Self-reflect & grow throughout the year.

When this is accomplished, teachers & students are both free to teach & free to learn!


      Our Workshops & Programs

We provide skill building workshops that will help teachers with two different types of challenges at school. The first is in expanding their ability to better relate with others, i.e. the “defiant” student, the “difficult” parent, the “callous” colleague.  The second is in dealing effectively with major changes.

Our workshops help teachers to improve classroom participation, develop students’ critical thinking skills, have better relationships with colleagues and parents, and handle daily classroom challenges effectively and efficiently, and with greater job satisfaction.  Our workshops also help teachers to address the obstacles that are getting in their way of embracing and implementing major changes.  The new Common Core standards, as well as Restorative Justice practices, are huge new shifts in current educational policies. Teachers are expected to learn and implement these new policies. However, the only way these programs will truly be successful is if teachers are authentically committed to making those changes.  Go to “Our Programs” link above to see all that we offer.

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Education Transformations is an Enterprise of Center for the Studies of the Person, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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